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Columbia Sportswear Boba Fett Collection Teased

Columbia Sportswear Boba Fett Collection Teased

posted by Chris on October 29, 2021 to 12:12 am CST

Over the past few years, and just in time for Christmas, Columbia Sportswear has offered some pretty amazing clothes. Star wars clothing in limited quantities. To continue this annual tradition, they released a vague teaser to promote a new Boba Fett-themed clothing line that fans will have the option to purchase in-store and online on December 3, 2021.

Get ready for a new special edition collection inspired by the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy. You are free to use any method necessary to find the equipment on or in some stores, but no decays!

Check out the page that has been updated with a weird carbonite block with rising steam here.


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