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Columbia Athletics releases latest sports photo of the 31

NEW YORK– Columbia posted the latest version of the #OnlyHere 31-Sport photo from the track and field program on Monday afternoon.

“We are thrilled to show the breadth and diversity of our athletic program through our photo of 31 sports, which has become an important tradition at Columbia,” said Peter Pilling, Campbell Family Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics & Physical Education. “Bringing together members of all of our 31 varsity teams on campus for the first time since the global pandemic sends a strong message that we are returning to action and normalcy in our daily lives and operations. “

The photograph, designed and taken by longtime Columbia Athletics photographer Mike McLaughlin (IG: @mikemclaughlinphotography), features members of each of Columbia’s 31 varsity teams in uniform, posed on Revson Plaza (the pedestrian bridge above Amsterdam Avenue) on Columbia’s Morningside Campus des Heights.

Shot downtown, the photograph captures the traditional architecture of the Columbia campus designed by McKim, Mead and White, including Kent Hall and Hamilton Hall to the right, with the modern Jerome Greene Hall (Columbia Law School) to the left. The lights of the downtown New York City skyline at Hudson Yards are visible behind the student-athletes.

This photograph marks the fourth edition of the Columbia Athletics 31-sport photo. The previous edition of the image was taken in Times Square in 2018. Previous editions were shot in Hoboken, New Jersey, overlooking the financial district skyline and on the steps of the Low Memorial Library, surrounding the statue Alma Mater by Daniel Chester French.


FRONT ROW (field): Habiba Mohamed ’22CC (women’s squash), Blake Willis’ 22CC (men’s football), Megan Ryono’ 23CC (softball), Austen Huang ’22CC (men’s tennis), Nidhi Kanchumarthi’ 23BC (shotgun) bow)

SECOND ROW: Sylvie Binder ’22CC (women’s fencing), Briget Rosendahl’ 22BC (women’s diving), David Vorbach ’22CC (men’s cross-country), Brian Bonino’ 22CC (wrestling), Kelsey Farkas’ 21CC (field hockey), Jennifer Kerr ’22CC (women’s tennis)

THIRD ROW: James Wyatt ’22CC (men’s squash), Alexis Florio’ 22CC (women’s golf), Brianna Hodges’ 22CC (women’s outdoor athletics), Justin Woodley ’21CC (football), Olivia Jubin’ 23CC (women’s swimming), Emily Virtue ’22CC (cross country women), Yoosang Kim’ 24CC (indoor athletics men)

FOURTH ROW: Ryan Lee ’21CC (heavyweight rowing), Emily Teehan’ 22CC (volleyball), Jahi Hernandez ’23CC (men’s outdoor athletics), Ryan Schlageter’ 22CC (lacrosse), Josh Solomon ’22SEAS (baseball), Sienna Durr’ 23CC (women’s basketball), Jonas Kistorp ’22CC (men’s swimming), Sidharth Kumbla’ 22CC (men’s fencing)

TOP ROW: Alexandros Zisimidis ’22CC (light rowing), Luke Bolster’ 21CC ’22GSAS (men’s basketball), Ally Clark’ 23CC (women’s football), Anna Jordahl-Henry ’23BC (women’s indoor athletics), Wyatt McGovern’ 25CC (men’s golf), Jonathan Suckow ’23CC (men’s diving), Elisa Luo’ 23SEAS (women’s rowing)