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Ouch… I have just been # ZAPPÉ by this #LIGHTNING

Always use caution when approaching an institution’s Twitter, especially a sports-related institution. Twitter accounts? Bwog lead writer Ross Chapman gives us a glimpse into the creaky cyber-life of CU Athletics.

Trivial images on strange backgrounds

The last time I checked Columbia had nothing to do with lightning. Don’t tell that to the graphic designer on the basketball team, because he’s all over that lightning-quick background. Watch it very roughly line up with the outline of Davis’ body! It is not the only photo with a absurd electrical support. But don’t think athletics has a special affinity for thunder. For example, look at this football player kneeling in a stadium (not ours) in front of a pair of Celestial Lions. For those of you looking for an older man, consider this basketball coach in a vague action pose in front of New York!

Demotivating images

The football team has the meaning of words. Let them order us to protect “Brotherhood”Or try to define Strong minded, white words on a blue background speak like few other formats can. The team has long tried to convince its potential new members that adversity is a sign of strength. They also tend to rely on quotes from totally different contexts – for example, the Chicago Cubs and the Broadway scene.

The model’s challenge

For most people, the Mannequin Challenge is an opportunity to pretend that you are able to stand still for more than ten seconds at a time. For athletes, however, this can become more of an opportunity to simply show you are strong. Alternatively, you can take the challenge once jump on fashion, and then to redo a week later and hope everyone has forgotten.

GIF… Yeah.

What does this have to do with anything? Who knows! Maybe a member of the social media team incorrectly clicked on their Reaction GIF folder, which contains several real gems. The team also has a number of graphics that relate to individual players and moments in a game, and they make it look like fireworks come out of their heads.

And one more for the road …

Here is a map of our wonderful United States. The capital of our beautiful nation, New York City, is brilliantly displayed. Bordered by the island nation of Nike, the United States is made up of 49 states. The most recent addition to the country came in 1985, when Ronald Reagan colonized Australia and dragged it to our end of the Pacific Ocean. The map above represents the votes cast in the 2006 national midterm elections, in which the Lion Party transported more than 400 members of Congress.

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