Columbia athletics

Bronx youth visit Columbia Athletics

NEW YORK—Columbia student-athletes had the opportunity to visit young people in the Bronx as two large groups of fourth-year students from the Sheridan Academy for Young Leaders visited the Dodge Fitness Center.

Six current Columbia student-athletes, including a freshman track and field athlete Iman Sule, second year fencer Iman Blow, junior baseball player Matt Karo, junior softball player madison got, first-year soccer player Justin Hill and junior football player Ben Robbins each spoke to young students about the importance of education and their experience as a college student-athlete. In addition, the young participants were able to visit the Dodge Fitness Center.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to engage with the fourth graders and share my experiences as a student athlete with them,” Sule said. “Their enthusiasm was contagious and I really appreciated their attention. It was a great feeling to know that I was having a positive impact, no matter how small, in influencing their future and helping them make the right choices.

“Showing the students around the Columbia facilities was great!” said Gott. “I loved seeing each student’s curiosity about the life of a Columbia student-athlete. I enjoyed answering their questions about how I got here, everyday life at Columbia, and sharing fun facts about what it’s like to be an athlete. Their curiosity was high and I hope the school will return for visits like this!”

“It was great fun to visit and talk to the kids,” Robbins said. “They had a lot of thoughtful questions about the facilities and being a student athlete at Columbia. I really enjoyed the experience and hope it was a big one for the kids.

Columbia student-athletes who participated:

Iman Blow CC ’19 Women’s Fencing

Iman Sule CC ’20 Women’s Athletics

Matt Karo Baseball SEAS ’18

madison got CC ’18 Softball

Ben Robbins CC ’18 Football

Justin Hill CC ’20 Football