Your interior designer and decorator

Our mission as an interior designer and decorator.

Our interior decorator and space designer cap, allows us to take care of the design, decoration and complete furnishing of a place or a room, by the manufacture of custom furniture or the purchase in stores.

In the commercial layout , the objectives are focused on marketing : increased sales, attractiveness of the place, purchase impulse …

On the other hand, in interior design of a house or an apartment, our goal will be to improve the quality of life and the well being of its occupants .
Our conceptions are the reflection of a contemporary writing, an alliance of the beautiful and the useful, the just without superfluity, inextricably linked to certain qualities.

Our corporate values

  • SHARING : Without exchange, without listening, nothing is possible. We must take care to understand you well for better to advise.
  • RESPECT OF THE PLACE : Places have a soul. We must respect it. We save, recover or restore the architectural elements that make up their personality. We highlight them through their rehabilitation.
  • MATERIALS: Indispensable, they must serve a project and not impose it.
  • CREATIVITY : Our imagination is at your service. Without it, no interest. The search for the “Idea” is a constant quest. Finding the best solution is an obsession.
  • VOLUMES AND LIGHTS : These are the fingers of the same hand. Inseparable and complementary. The lights will magnificently enhance the volumes and emphasize their forms.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF ARTISANS : It is the lever that allows the emergence of a project, without their knowledge nothing is possible. Their selection must be based on a constant search for quality.
  • PASSION: It summarizes our profession.

Our services and services in interior architecture


Shops, restaurants, ready-to-wear, offices … The creation of a public and sales area must be reflected. It’s about being in tune with your business goals, studying the competition, and showcasing your products. Our role is to be in line with your expectations by adding our creativity.


Intimate places, our apartments, lofts and houses tell their story, through the volumes, materials and colors they put at our disposal. Our role is to exploit the potential of these spaces of life and exchange, to create an environment conducive to your well being.


We decorate your spaces whether they are private or commercial. Accompaniment on points of sale, accompaniment through visual aids. Selection of original or unusual objects. Enhancement, customization …


Because it is the culmination of a personalized project, we design and have your furniture made to measure. We also design tailor-made objects, railings, staircases, wheelchair lifts …

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