Why call an interior designer?

Appealing to an interior designer, a professional interior designer is often considered a luxury reserved for a privileged clientele.

Why call an interior designer?

One then puts on his personal knowledge to manage “big work” and “decoration” in order to limit his expenses. And yet, using an interior designer to manage your work, your building sites and decorating ideas can sometimes be less expensive than when you manage them on your own.


The role of the interior designer:

An interior designer can intervene as well on the structural work (the works coming in direct contact with the structure of the frame) as on the design and the design of space (creation of the interior space and decoration). During his listening phase, he collects the client’s needs in order to put together a proposal file in line with the expectations of the client. He will work on shapes, colors, volumes and materials to optimize the space and interior atmosphere of a home (private or professional).

The project is most often presented to the client in the form of drawn plans (2D or 3D). Once the project is validated, the designer is in charge of contacting the craftsmen in order to carry out the works and direct the site.


Appealing to an interior designer: What are the advantages?

Your home is a real refuge from the stress of the city and the professional world. In order to fully enjoy your days and your family, it is essential to look after your home. A professional offers you the guarantee of a perfect harmony of your home but also a space totally optimized for the use that you will make of it.


Applying to an interior designer allows you to:

_ Have access to a large network of professionals sometimes cheaper thanks to the many partnerships built by the architect with some companies in your area:

_ Make live his ideas, his desires in his interior thanks to an outside and original look,

_ Save time thanks to a professional who knows very well the world of building and decoration, he quickly finds the most interesting suppliers to stay in your budget,

_ You avoid disappointments or mistakes in the purchase of domestic goods by valuing each element according to well-defined design rules,

_ Dialog with a professional listener, who will manage the work and plan with a master hand, thus avoiding stress and overwork,

_ Customize your home without overloading it with advice on choosing colors and materials.


What consequence for my portfolio?

Today, an interior designer can be consulted freely on time, in the day or in the overall project. You can choose which type of “advice” or “management” formula you want to carry out your project.

If you choose to entrust your entire project to an interior designer know that its many partnerships and network of knowledge of building companies provide you with suppliers and labor often much cheaper than those you find by your own steps.


So do not hesitate, indulge yourself! Look after your home with an Interior Designer & Professional Decorator

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