When to call an interior designer?

Useless, expensive, small jobs, the excuses invoked not to appeal to an interior designer are numerous, however, these are just a set of ideas that discourage individuals to seek the advice of the architect. inside.

Our Toulon-based interior architects are neither more nor less than your right arm and your partners for your project. They accompany you in the whole of your layout and layout. Experts in the design of living and working spaces, they will allow you to create a place (apartment, house, business …) and to exploit the full potential. Use of lost spaces, storage tricks, use of modular furniture, anticipation of technical constraints, reflection and design. Here are some of the benefits we see at CT Création when our Toulon-based interior designers work with you:

A personalized project

Above all, calling on an interior designer means having the confidence to build a housing project that suits you. The interior designer designs plans, decorating ideas and planning tips, taking into account the tastes, needs, desires and lifestyle of his clients. We consider our mission primarily as an exchange with our customers, a relationship and a climate of trust must be present throughout the project with an important human relationship that is not limited to the realization of plans. Alone, with your family, with or without children, the interior designer will be able to propose you personalized atmospheres and a style which is proposed to you and corresponding to your personality.

Highlighted spaces

An interior designer is a housing professional.He studies from every angle the change of a property and its valuation. Its role will be to have a long-term vision by adopting design thinking on layout, layout, transformation and renovation. It will bring you solutions to revive your property, optimize it and thus make it gain value. For this, an interior designer will be of great help before renting one to buy a property. Professional or particular, the advice of an interior designer will always be a profitable investment. With his experience, his professional and artistic eye, the interior designer will allow you to add a value of your property up to 15%.

Unique tips

When you call on an interior designer expect to be amazed. His knowledge and his thinking will allow you to adopt a new vision of things, he will propose to you atypical and original solutions to think your home and your trade or the arrangement of restaurant , you will be left with customized arrangements to which you do not have not think! The interior designer is an artist and a specialist tips. The interior designer will imagine unique and personalized arrangements at a lower cost. The interior designer can by his knowledge, offer you to combine several functions to a partition, a piece of furniture. As an example, use a modular storage that will also act as a partition. This kind of solution will save you space, optimize space at a lower cost. In apartment renovation, the interior designer must be clever and he must transform the constraints of places in assets. The interior designer will use removable partitions, modular storage, transform the lost spaces in storage, transform pillars, columns, descents of water into decorative elements or storage. A maximum of tips which only the eye of the interior designer has the secret.

A coherent project

Professional interior designer, the interior designer will have a global vision of the project. His reflection makes it possible to have a coherence between the different spaces and their function, as well as their style. A global vision of your habitat is for that very often necessary to avoid the faults of taste and arrangement.

Optimized spaces

It is true that it is easy to use an interior designer for large projects, unlike small areas in which it is thought to be able to achieve the same plans because less difficult. Unfortunately it is not proportional. Indeed the difficulty is not promotional to the surface. The interior designer will allow you to find solutions to the Chinese puzzle that is the renovation and layout of small spaces. We find most of the time all the technical constraints compressed in small volumes which makes the projects even more complex than on the big surface. The interior designer must anticipate the thicknesses, the differences, the gaps with as much detail as possible to avoid mistakes. Designing your studio, your "bedroom and bathroom" space or "kitchen and living room" is not always easy! Our interior architects in Toulon are here to help you optimize your spaces.

A turnkey project

To make artisans and building professionals understand what you have in mind, nothing beats a good design. For this our interior designers based in Toulon are present. With the help of plans and documents written by one of them, the actors who will carry out your work will be able to understand with much more ease your project especially if it is complex. Our interior architects in Toulon will specify the desired colors, materials, sanitary and other equipment, thicknesses, heights etc … and all that is necessary for a good understanding of your project.

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