What are the ways to partition a bed in a studio?

The modular is not everything in a studio and solutions exist to circumvent its constraints.

Delimit two separate spaces, between day and night, avoid having to unfold your couch or open your bed before going to bed, and down the ladder of the mezzanine to jump from the bed at the risk of a fall. Cleverly arranged, the partition between the two areas allows to gain intimacy around the bed and optimizes the volume of the room. Fixed, removable, transparent or opaque, it comes in all its forms to meet the desires and needs of everyone.

Contemporary Bedroom by Multiarchi

1. With a curtain

Conventional solution, the installation of curtains avoids to mount a fixed partition. It also offers the choice of closing the sleeping area or leaving it open depending on the time of day. Installed in a small space, the curtains divide the bed without breaking the impression of volume in the room.
It is also an easy installation to put in place, which requires only the installation of a rod on the ceiling.

Contemporary Bedroom by AP ARCHITECTESContemporary Bedroom by AP ARCHITECTES 

2. With sliding blinds 

The rendering is more clean and contemporary than curtains, but the benefits remain the same in terms of modularity. Sliding panel blinds open and close the space as needed, without reducing the volume of the room.

Tip: You can play on transparency to gain weight, or bet on an opaque fabric that will preserve your privacy. Contemporary Bedroom by ARCHI CONSULTING

3. With a headboard all in height

The headboard extends to the ceiling to delineate the sleeping area and separate it from other amenities. It creates a breathing space and optimizes the volume of a studio. By occupying the center of the room, this type of partition avoids a linear arrangement of the furniture along the walls. Tip: Play on full and empty to hide your bed by letting the light circulate. This will avoid breaking the perspective of the room.

Contemporary Bedroom by Leblond Cotton

4. With a half-wall

The half-wall conceals only the space required for the location of a double bed, both in terms of width and height. Used as a headboard, it does not completely close the space and optimizes the volume and light of this studio of 23 m².
Here, the walls of the night area were painted in a soft gray blue to visually separate the two areas. This impression is reinforced by a strip of red paint, which contrasts with the rest.

Scandinavian Bedroom by Transition Interior Design

5. With a glass roof workshop

The canopy workshop is an intermediate solution between a full-height wall and a half-wall. It conceals just enough of the night area to preserve the perspective of the room and let the clarity circulate. It is also a sound separation to make your bed a little cocoon.

Tip: Arranged against a wall, the canopy workshop will partition a little more space to get closer to a real room. Scandinavian Kitchen by Transition Interior Design

6. With a side partition

In the length, and not at the head or foot of the bed, the partition will occupy a lesser place in the apartment. Openwork and painted white, it brings lightness to the room and avoids getting a corner narrowed and closed.Here, the side wall is a real asset to the studio thanks to a system of shelves. They can also be used as a bedside table. Modern Room by ras-a, inc.

7. With a storage cabinet

In order not to lose the least square meter of space, the separation between the night and day zones is materialized by a piece of furniture stuffed with storage space. Shelves or small closets, everything is allowed to save space in this studio.Painted in white, the furniture does not appear too imposing in the room. The open spaces, highlighted by a soft paint, let the look between the two spaces for a more open. Scandinavian Bedroom by Elayne Barre Photography

8. With a television stand

The TV cabinet cleverly separates the living room and bedroom. It combines the functions of storage and partition, allowing significant space savings in a studio. With a rotating layout, the television is oriented either to the sofa or to the bed. It is then possible to look everywhere in the apartment. Here, the niches at the back of the screen provide an aesthetic side to the support and avoid leaving a flat surface without interest.

Contemporary Bedroom by theMACNABs

9. With a corner wall

In angle, the partition completely closes the space of night to give the impression of a real room. The effect is reinforced by the installation of rigid and opaque walls that preserve privacy.
Placed judiciously in front of the entrance of the bathroom, provided that the arrangement of the premises allows it, the sleeping area takes airs away.

Modern Cuisine by Fredric Boukari Photography

10. With a transparent wall

The transparent partition ensures the security of the sleeping area, installed on a platform, without closing it completely. He then enjoys the light of the room and does not break its volume. With this arrangement, you will avoid falls when jumping out of bed!

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