The palette for an industrial interior!

The reuse of pallets as decorative elements makes it possible to obtain an industrial rendering while adopting an eco-responsible approach. 


The reuse of pallets as decorative elements makes it possible to obtain an industrial rendering while adopting an eco-responsible approach. At chevrons or at once, they require few transformations to adapt to all spaces and atmospheres, interior and exterior. Furniture, storage, walls or coverings, the palette comes in all its forms and offers original answers to all needs. Practical, it is also economical and is a raw material resistant, easy to find and work.Vous can easily get them used, free or at low cost in commercial areas, from supermarkets or specialized sites. However, find out about the wood used and its treatment. 

  1. In coffee table
    Very simple to make, the pallet coffee table has become familiar salons. A little paint or varnish (to preserve its raw appearance) will be enough to give it a new look while protecting the wood.


Tip: Add casters to move it as you wish, and a glass tray to safely place objects.

2. In armchair or sofa
By assembling several palettes between them, you will get an armchair or an original sofa, to arrange where you want. It will find its place in the living room as well as in the office or the guest room. For even more simplicity, you can just have the cushions on the wooden boards and lean against a wall.

Tip: Stacked one above the other, pallets also offer storage solutions.

 3. In wall
To vary the materials and give a look recovery to your interior, pallets are gaining height. Installed vertically, they delimit the different spaces of a room, as in this picture between the living room and the dining room.

 4. In wall covering
If you do not have space to delineate, use it to dress the walls. The pallets replace the wallpaper inserts very well and their boards are easily transformed into wall paneling. Vary colors to create harmonious gradients. Tip: Some pallets are already treated against moisture: prefer them for wet rooms.


5. In the bathroom
Converted into bathroom furniture, these old industrial transport trays will carry your washbasins with elegance. They will create a wooden structure filled with small storage for your beauty products and towels.
Get help from a professional to install piping, you will avoid accidents. 

6. In the bedroom, in bed base …
After the living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms, the planks of wood are installed on the floor of the rooms. Several pallets will be needed for the realization of a bed structure that is out of the ordinary. Install a few cushions around the mattress for a more cozy atmosphere of the sleeping area. The pallets can generally support a load of between 1,000 and 5,000 kg, depending on their size. So do not worry about lying on it! 

7. … Or at the head of the bed
In order to clearly define the sleeping area, use one or more industrial pallets to make a single headboard. In raw or painted wood, they will make the difference in your bedroom. 

8. In storage
You lacked a piece of furniture to quickly put away your books or even your shoes? Do not search anymore ! A simple palette arranged perpendicularly will do the trick. Customize it as you wish to integrate it into your interior. 

9. In the office
You dreamed of an office entirely made to measure, which answers in all point to your needs, then to your hammers! Assemble multiple palettes to create your ideal workspace. It requires a little dexterity, but will help you to be more efficient in your future work.


Tip: Many pallet sizes exist across geographies and industries. Assemble them with nails to obtain a customized result, adapted to both your space and your needs.


10. In outdoor furniture
Finally, the wooden boards take the air and make a place in the gardens and on the terraces. If your outdoor furniture is old and worn out, make a new custom-made mix of plush cushions and industrial pallets.


Tip: Use a paint or varnish made for exterior wood to protect your new living room from sun, rain and wind.


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