The interior designer personalizes your home

In order to obtain a well-thought and personalized interior, call in a professional interior designer and decorator.

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Personalization: a trend very fashionable

New apartment, new house or simple desire for change, it is legitimate to want to feel at home, creating a style, an atmosphere of your own. What’s more natural to seek advice from a professional space, whose decoration is the job? It is able to combine your ideas and desires by optimizing the available space and it is the guarantee to have an interior that looks like you.

Attic room, rather dark or relatively small?? This is not a problem for the interior designer who adapts to different constraints. Whether for renovation to enlarge a room, layout, layout or to feel good at home, this professional meets all your expectations.

Key figure: The French spend about 31% of their budget on decoration, which is a major concern.

Practical solution

A true specialist, the decorator has a competent network of experts. In fact, he knows the different trend products and has a special relationship with suppliers. It will be very useful, in terms of time but also financially, by its knowledge of the offer and the tariffs. Thus, he plans the progress of the site, deals with other professionals and can negotiate the tariffs. This is the assurance of a quality achievement, respecting the budget and planning!

What cost?

The costs are very variable. For this, it is important to always ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises. The price varies according to three criteria: the number of pieces, the surface area as well as the actual working time. Finally, it is possible to negotiate a global envelope or an hourly rate when the mission of the decorator remains of the order of the council.

Key points to remember: You want to redo your decoration without deceiving you? The interior designer is the solution to develop your home without taste. Tell us about your project


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