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Do you want to open a room? Find out who to hire, how much will it cost and how long to plan.

If you have decided to live in a more open space this year, you have probably planned to cut down an interior wall. It is a project that often seems simple: we equip ourselves with a mass and hop, we get a large room brand new; but it’s actually much more complicated than that. Depending on the composition of the wall, and whether it is bearing or not, slaughtering can be a very simple undertaking, as is a major structural change. Here is what you need to know. Mediterranean Kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Why ?

The purpose of such an operation is usually to connect the rooms together and create more open living spaces. Breaking down a partition also brings more light into a space and creates greater fluidity. Finally, you can also decide to cut down an outside wall and extend the room to the outside to increase the space. Classic Kitchen by Echelon Custom Homes

It can also allow you to create a hatch, or install a bar between two rooms in order to receive more people. Eclectic Kitchen by Angela Dechard Design

In this Los Angeles kitchen, a partition was cut down to open onto the adjacent dining room. A counter allows to receive more people and benefit from an additional work plan.


Who to hire?

It depends on your wall, whether it’s carrying or not, and what’s inside: plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and so on. An experienced contractor can make a diagnosis. An architect, however, remains the best option, according to a building contractor. “He may have a different view of things, which may save you from taking down the entire partition, which will allow you to spend less. Demolishing an entire wall can totally change the atmosphere of a space, “he adds. “Keeping some pieces of wall can be in your interest. “

Classic Chic Kitchen by Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

Good to know: taking down a partition in a single-storey house is very different than doing the same thing in a two-level house; in the latter case, it usually costs a lot more. “For a two-level home or more, it’s important to have a professional,” says Andreson. “Predicting the weight distribution of the second level on the other walls is a real engineering job. ”

Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether the wall is a carrier or not; it is better to hire a professional. “In some houses, I have been told that I did not think the wall was a carrier, then go to the cellar and realize that in fact it was. Sometimes the wall does not seem to be, so it’s best to check before you start demolishing it, ” recalls Jeffrey Veffer. Mountain Cuisine Traditional Kitchen

What technical elements to anticipate?

When you’re cutting down a wall, one of the most complex moments is dealing with what may be on the inside and if the demolition involves diverting gas, electricity, or the HVAC system, it changes everything. For example, moving supply connections and vents may change the operation of the heating system. “If you remove the supply ducts, the house will be less comfortable,” says Jeffrey Veffer. “This type of work always has repercussions. “He says you never know exactly what you will find inside the walls. By knocking down a partition in a house dating back to the 1920s, he found an unused gas line that went up to the second floor and had to hire a professional to disassemble it. The owner of the house did not anticipate this kind of expense.


Cost: It all depends on the type of wall and the systems that will have to be hijacked or moved. The cost of labor also varies by region. Here are some estimates:

  • To knock down a non-load bearing wall, on one or two levels, when installing carpet: between 1,900 and 2,300 euros
  • To knock down a wall on one level: around € 7,500
  • To knock down a wall on two levels: between 15 000 and 22 500 euros

Whatever your budget, we advise you to provide 20% more for unforeseen and possible surprises that can generate this type of work.


How long will the work last?

About two weeks, not counting the necessary renovation work on the floors and ceiling finishes.


Is there a permit?

Breaking down a partition at home does not require a particular administrative approach, except in the case where it is a question of making a living space. In this case, a building permit will be required. On the other hand, to demolish a wall, you will have to take some steps, sometimes long, and obtain an authorization. how to remove a wall

And after ?

When you cut down a partition, you have to take into account the consequences that this demolition will have on the floor and the ceiling. For example, it will be difficult to connect solid wood floors and to make the floors become one. “It’s hard to reconstruct where the demolished wall was and make sure it’s in the background , ” says Andreson, illustrating his story with a photo of a project he’s been working on. had to cut down a partition. “Ideally, you have to remake the soil so that everything fits in well, ” he says.Jeffrey Veffer explains that he saw projects in which the contractors had managed to find pieces of wood and match the original floor, sanding the floor and applying a new stain. This has yielded good results, but imperfect. With carpet, the same operation will generally be much easier. It is also necessary to take into account the state of the ceilings after the demolition. “Projected or smooth plaster is pretty easy to connect,” explains Jeff Andreson, “but when there are moldings, it’s more complicated. If they are old and you want to keep them, they will be difficult to connect with the new space. ” Eclectic Dining Room by Sarah Greenman

What is the best time to do this type of project ?

If you plan to redo the floors of your home, this is the perfect time to knock down a partition. This kind of project tends to be a lot of dust and noise. Also, it is more than advisable to consider the possibility of spending time with friends, in your family or in a hotel the time of the works.


Have you ever shot a wall at home? Have you planned to do it? We can discuss it. Contact us for your interior renovation.



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