Online Loan

The internet offers many opportunities to borrow.

There are many credit calculators with which ma can calculate his credit, the cost and the installment. Every institute has a calculator on its website, but it is better to make a comparison before you commit yourself. A new car, things of daily use such as a stove or a washing machine, a nice holiday or just desirable things like an expensive clock. With a loan, they can quickly become a reality. However, who compares the offers of the funders before, this repayment can repay faster and saves a lot of money for interest. Calculate with one of the free loan calculator online, which banks you get a loan cheap and what burdens depending on the desired maturity you would have to shoulder in the following period. For each type of loan, he gives his own credit calculator on the Internet

The installment loan

If you need a personal loan, you should definitely use an online installment loan calculator before graduating. No matter what you want to fulfill and you lack the money you want to borrow, then you will find in the banking landscape numerous tempting offers that sell you an installment loan. Given the large differences in terms, the decision for or again a bank is to think carefully. The installment loan calculator will sort out the various offers for you according to the specifications you have made for you. You get information about which loan offer you cheap and above all reliably cover your need for money.

To determine the best offer for you, various information is essential for a credit comparison. First, you determine the repayment term and the required loan amount. Alternatively, a rate credit calculator can make a calculation with the repayment rate. For credit-based interest rate offers, the selection is made within three credit rating levels. Under the field “Financing Purpose” you indicate whether you need a car loan or a consumer loan without a purpose limitation. As a result, the installment loan calculator shows you a list of various providers in the internet. Very detailed are the top 30 offers that will be displayed to you. The effective interest rate here is a significant indicator that indicates how expensive a loan can ultimately be. Check the offered loans with great care, if you intend to install an installment loan on the Internet in order not to financially take over.

The construction credit calculator

Financing a construction project can also work online if you use a construction credit calculator. It’s much more complex than the installment loan calculator. Anyone who uses a home loan calculator quickly realizes that the interest rates and thus the cost of a loan are currently very low. A long term is highly desirable for a low interest rate construction loan, as experts expect interest rates to eventually rise in the future. However, a long fixed interest rate would drive up lending rates: if you want to save the same, you can opt for a shorter maturity and agree on a higher repayment installment of 2 or 5% right at the beginning. Of course, taking a short interest rate is a risk, as interest rates could be a lot higher in 5 years.

Especially when it comes to building finance , you have to pay close attention to a lot. Without a credit calculator you can hardly keep track of it. Every financial institution is happy about a long-term borrower, because he brings money and with a construction loan, it is not tight. A comparison with the help of a finance calculator can quickly put you in the picture, which bank actually makes the best offer for you.

By no means is your house bank the cheapest lender even if you have been a loyal customer for years. Other banks, savings banks and building societies may have worthwhile offers in the portfolio and if you are looking for the perfect home financing, you are well advised to advance with a house loan calculator to get an overview.

When to call an interior designer?

Useless, expensive, small jobs, the excuses invoked not to appeal to an interior designer are numerous, however, these are just a set of ideas that discourage individuals to seek the advice of the architect. inside.

Our Toulon-based interior architects are neither more nor less than your right arm and your partners for your project. They accompany you in the whole of your layout and layout. Experts in the design of living and working spaces, they will allow you to create a place (apartment, house, business …) and to exploit the full potential. Use of lost spaces, storage tricks, use of modular furniture, anticipation of technical constraints, reflection and design. Here are some of the benefits we see at CT Création when our Toulon-based interior designers work with you:

A personalized project

Above all, calling on an interior designer means having the confidence to build a housing project that suits you. The interior designer designs plans, decorating ideas and planning tips, taking into account the tastes, needs, desires and lifestyle of his clients. We consider our mission primarily as an exchange with our customers, a relationship and a climate of trust must be present throughout the project with an important human relationship that is not limited to the realization of plans. Alone, with your family, with or without children, the interior designer will be able to propose you personalized atmospheres and a style which is proposed to you and corresponding to your personality.

Highlighted spaces

An interior designer is a housing professional.He studies from every angle the change of a property and its valuation. Its role will be to have a long-term vision by adopting design thinking on layout, layout, transformation and renovation. It will bring you solutions to revive your property, optimize it and thus make it gain value. For this, an interior designer will be of great help before renting one to buy a property. Professional or particular, the advice of an interior designer will always be a profitable investment. With his experience, his professional and artistic eye, the interior designer will allow you to add a value of your property up to 15%.

Unique tips

When you call on an interior designer expect to be amazed. His knowledge and his thinking will allow you to adopt a new vision of things, he will propose to you atypical and original solutions to think your home and your trade or the arrangement of restaurant , you will be left with customized arrangements to which you do not have not think! The interior designer is an artist and a specialist tips. The interior designer will imagine unique and personalized arrangements at a lower cost. The interior designer can by his knowledge, offer you to combine several functions to a partition, a piece of furniture. As an example, use a modular storage that will also act as a partition. This kind of solution will save you space, optimize space at a lower cost. In apartment renovation, the interior designer must be clever and he must transform the constraints of places in assets. The interior designer will use removable partitions, modular storage, transform the lost spaces in storage, transform pillars, columns, descents of water into decorative elements or storage. A maximum of tips which only the eye of the interior designer has the secret.

A coherent project

Professional interior designer, the interior designer will have a global vision of the project. His reflection makes it possible to have a coherence between the different spaces and their function, as well as their style. A global vision of your habitat is for that very often necessary to avoid the faults of taste and arrangement.

Optimized spaces

It is true that it is easy to use an interior designer for large projects, unlike small areas in which it is thought to be able to achieve the same plans because less difficult. Unfortunately it is not proportional. Indeed the difficulty is not promotional to the surface. The interior designer will allow you to find solutions to the Chinese puzzle that is the renovation and layout of small spaces. We find most of the time all the technical constraints compressed in small volumes which makes the projects even more complex than on the big surface. The interior designer must anticipate the thicknesses, the differences, the gaps with as much detail as possible to avoid mistakes. Designing your studio, your "bedroom and bathroom" space or "kitchen and living room" is not always easy! Our interior architects in Toulon are here to help you optimize your spaces.

A turnkey project

To make artisans and building professionals understand what you have in mind, nothing beats a good design. For this our interior designers based in Toulon are present. With the help of plans and documents written by one of them, the actors who will carry out your work will be able to understand with much more ease your project especially if it is complex. Our interior architects in Toulon will specify the desired colors, materials, sanitary and other equipment, thicknesses, heights etc … and all that is necessary for a good understanding of your project.

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Interior designer

Definition of the profession of interior designer

What is the role of an interior designer?

Definition of the profession of Interior Designer

Definition of interior architecture

Before defining what an interior designer is it is good to understand what is interior design.

Interior architecture is the counterpart of traditional architecture. It completes what the DPLG architect realized by designing the building envelope artistically.

She designs the architecture and layout of the space at the level of everyday life taking into account the habits, culture and needs of men in their everyday lives.

She leads the architecture to its end, in the usual detail, modifies and organizes spaces, uses light as an artistic and decorative object, plays with colors to create atmospheres (Zen, contemporary, design, traditional, baroque etc … ) uses the furniture, decorative objects to complete the creation. This set of manipulation allows to imagine comfortable spaces, ergonomic and personalized according to the owner.

Interior architecture is mainly associated with private spaces, but it is much larger than that. It is present in a professional environment with interior fittings of shops and boutiques, restaurants and breweries, offices etc …

Positioned in an artistic and creative perspective, this specialty remains a very strict practice where rigor must be applied. The progress of the design to the completion of the projects is guided by the same operating path that must be respected.

Definition of the profession of interior designer


The interior designer is responsible for the volume of spaces and rooms, he interprets these volumes and arranges them according to the needs of the sponsors. Its role is also to rehabilitate sites and change their destination.

He is a master in the manipulation of colors and must have a keen eye on the use of furniture.

He works with light, plays with it to create the desired moods.

He imagines the layout of a house, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants … He determines the location of the furniture, which he draws and imagines very often, he chooses the materials, the colors, their location, the materials and everything that will make a unique, personalized, beautiful and comfortable interior.

What an interior designer does

custom manufacturing is part of the job of interior designer

His role is often to treat sheep on all fours, he will be a great help to find tips and ideas where an uninitiated person would be unable. He treats ambiguous spaces, optimizes recesses in storage for example, brings his technical knowledge, graphics and aesthetics, uses constraints to make them assets.

To help him in his task, the interior designer can be accompanied by another body of state near or far as: the space designer, the interior designer, the architect DPLG, the offices of study, engineers, craftsmen, artists …

He uses the drawing as a means of expression and implements it through sketches and sketches, realizes his 2D plans on complex and specialized software that they are from the family of BIM or CAD. These highly sophisticated software packages allow the modeling of the project as a whole and require great computer, technical and visual knowledge. They assist the designer in his task and can take care of all technical constraints from the design phase, to avoid problems during the project implementation phase.

How an interior designer works

The work of 3D by the interior designer

We are seeing more and more the use of 3D renderings, panoramic renderings (I visit 3D software for example) or 4D video which allow to reveal to customers their future projects, to move and to orient the images of their future project.

The profession of interior designer, whether an interior designer based in Toulon, Paris, New York or anywhere in the world will always ask to know how to navigate between the field (construction site, design offices, suppliers ) and the office or agency in which he practices and creates. Interior architecture is more than a job, it’s a passion, it requires a very important personal investment and every moment. It is up to the interior designer to keep up to date with the latest news and trends by going to salons such as Bâtimat, house and objects and much more. This passion must be ubiquitous and opportunities to learn are everywhere, it requires being curious, observing and seeking to understand how existing achievements have been thought, imagined and realized.

The qualities of thoroughness and rigor are just as important as knowing how to draw and make plans.

Why use an interior designer

the layout of a restaurant by an interior designer

The role of the interior designer also consists of describing the project from all angles through site plans, detailed plans, sections, elevations, axonometric views and a detailed description of the project. These documents are intended to be used by craftsmen and companies that will intervene in the project’s achievements, whether for a restaurant layout , an apartment renovation or the realization of an ephemeral stand or any other project.

The interior designer intervenes on all types of space ranging from small areas of 15m² up to spaces of 1000m² and more if necessary. He designs and realizes the interior set of a volume. He is the right hand of the sponsor and assists and advises him throughout the design and implementation of the project.

The role of the interior designer is also financial, he must by his knowledge and status be able to benefit from prices and professional discounts to the sponsor, he will negotiate for his client the best purchase price to reduce the cost of its budget.

Applying to an interior designer is therefore an investment that is profitable fairly quickly in terms of time (time of completion of work optimized through the organization set up, the reflection made upstream on the progress of work , the preparation of the plans to describe the project and the anticipation of the possible unforeseen), that in terms of the final rendering (made available to all of an architectural know-how and artistic knowledge and design to obtain a rendering unique), and essentially financial (professional discount that the interior designer enjoys and that it benefits his client, bargaining with companies by his position force, prices adapted to the budget through solutions really adapted without superfluous ).

The interior designer personalizes your home

In order to obtain a well-thought and personalized interior, call in a professional interior designer and decorator.

Blog-article 1

Personalization: a trend very fashionable

New apartment, new house or simple desire for change, it is legitimate to want to feel at home, creating a style, an atmosphere of your own. What’s more natural to seek advice from a professional space, whose decoration is the job? It is able to combine your ideas and desires by optimizing the available space and it is the guarantee to have an interior that looks like you.

Attic room, rather dark or relatively small?? This is not a problem for the interior designer who adapts to different constraints. Whether for renovation to enlarge a room, layout, layout or to feel good at home, this professional meets all your expectations.

Key figure: The French spend about 31% of their budget on decoration, which is a major concern.

Practical solution

A true specialist, the decorator has a competent network of experts. In fact, he knows the different trend products and has a special relationship with suppliers. It will be very useful, in terms of time but also financially, by its knowledge of the offer and the tariffs. Thus, he plans the progress of the site, deals with other professionals and can negotiate the tariffs. This is the assurance of a quality achievement, respecting the budget and planning!

What cost?

The costs are very variable. For this, it is important to always ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises. The price varies according to three criteria: the number of pieces, the surface area as well as the actual working time. Finally, it is possible to negotiate a global envelope or an hourly rate when the mission of the decorator remains of the order of the council.

Key points to remember: You want to redo your decoration without deceiving you? The interior designer is the solution to develop your home without taste. Tell us about your project


A pineapple decor!

Pineapples are the big trend of the moment. 

It is found in all rooms of the house, in the form of patterns, wall covering, but also diverted objects and unusual. They bring color and a touch of exotic welcome in early summer! Here are our ideas for a fruity decor.


Sunny wallpaper 

In a monochrome piece, a patterned wallpaper can change the atmosphere completely. This pineapple wallcovering model brings a touch of color to the living room without adding to the space. To harmonize the ensemble, choose colorful furniture and oversized decorative objects, such as design suspensions or an imposing mirror. 

A playful lamp for young and old

This light fitting signed Goodnight Light will find its place in a child’s room as in an entrance or nook of your terrace, on a side table or on the floor. It is available in different fluo colors, perfect for summer.

A fruity candle

Admit it, it’s the kind of candle we do not want to light … And for good reason, this pineapple-shaped model is to eat! In an entrance or on a fireplace, it will bring good mood to your room. It’s up to you to initiate a collection of several wax fruits or to associate it with other vintage decoration items and succulents.

Exotic Salon by The Window Film Company UK Ltd.

Decorate your windows

It’s not only at Christmas that your windows have the right to preferential treatment! Using decals, give a second life to a window or bay window by adding pineapples. It’s also a good way to gain brightness while maintaining privacy. For the activity to be more playful, involve your children taking care to help them to stick the grounds well to avoid the disaster. Eclectic Room by Studio Stamp (formerly STAMP INTERIORS)

Find an original lamp

Who said that pineapples must inevitably invade the decor? In this bedroom, we do not notice it immediately, but a fruit was hidden on one of the bedside tables! On closer inspection, we realize that the lamp foot is pineapple-shaped. Scandinavian Home Office by Claire Clerc

An unusual mirror

If you like details and minimalist decorating accessories, prefer a discreet pineapple-shaped mirror rather than an imposing object that you could get bored with. Keep in mind that this fruit remains a summer motif, which could well regain your closets once the winter comes. Better to play the card of security by choosing a creation that will cross the seasons. Country Kitchen Country Kitchen

Pineapple by small touches

In an immaculate room, it is important to play with decorative objects and materials to bring space to life. To awaken this room, several small objects were placed on these wooden shelves, including copper pineapple boxes. A tip: combine functionality and aesthetics with accessories that have real utility.

Contemporary by Zu Boutique

Highlight open shelves

In the kitchen, open storage is popular. Farewell closets closed: today, open shelves are on the rise. In addition to giving a Scandinavian style to the room, they allow to highlight decorative objects. Between two utensils and salad bowls, energize your storage with fruity and colorful postcards. Your children can also make a drawing of a pineapple.

Contemporary by funambulus 

Customize a storage bag

It is well known, in a child’s room, it is often (or very often) difficult to maintain a certain order. If the little ones need to play, however, they must learn to put everything in its place. To help them in this learning, the storage bin is a good alternative. Customize it with a pineapple pattern to make it more playful and personalize it.

Contemporary Bar Lounge by Eleanor Baines Photography

A flashy decorative object

Here, the pineapple is invited in a slightly more bling-bling environment. Nevertheless, on a bar or a trolley, this golden object will do its little effect with your guests. Little more? It will camouflage a bottle of alcohol nicely. Salon by Clarke & Clarke Campaign

Opt for patterned cushions

The cushion is the ideal accessory to give a warm side to a living room and give a boost to his sofa. Colorful, striped or with animal motifs, there is something for everyone. Do not be afraid to mix the models to give more exoticism to a living room. Scandinavian Entrance by The Lovely Drawer

Vitamin tables

If you do not want pineapples to come into your home, do not panic! You can use them with small keys. In a minimalist decor, this type of paintings will affirm your personality without distorting the style of your living room. To find the rare pearl, go to small creators and illustrators, or take out your own pencils!

Interior Designer | Save money

Save money in getting an interior designer for your property.

1. How can an interior designer save you money?

If it is only the plans of your future development, you will ensure that you have plans that meet the construction standards but especially plans that will be optimal for the ergonomics and functionality of your room. The designer thinks of many complex details to master: the right lighting, the right choice of materials, storage etc. For a kitchen, a bathroom or a major redevelopment, it is essential. The value of your home is in play.

A good designer must be able to adapt to your budget, and that is what it will save you.

If your designer keeps track of the work, you avoid the hassle of budget management, material orders, delivery times and follow-up with trades. It is the designer who manages this from the beginning to the end of the project.

Finally, designers benefit from a large network of contacts in the field of housing. They have skilled craftsmen to implement their imagination.


2. What are the prices of an interior designer?

This was addressed in the interview: the more a designer is renamed and in demand, the higher his prices will be.

Some designers charge a rate per hour. Most generally prefer the packages. Packages may just include development plans. You can add supervision of all works to finally go to the final turnkey (choice of furniture and decorative accessories).


3. How to find the right designer??

It can be difficult to find the right person to work with. First and foremost, the flow must be good, whether you like the style of your designer and that he is listening to you.

Word of mouth is certainly the best method. Nothing beats the references of former customers. Read the reviews on the internet, it can eventually refer you.

As most designers today have a website , a Facebook page, I recommend you take a look to see their achievements and more.

Custom and Specific Furniture and Decoration Manufacturing

For each project, whether it is a renovation of an apartment , a house or a commercial layout – the furniture is the final touch that closes the design.


It is the finish of the project and showcase the whole of the reflection that has been focused on it.

It personalizes the design , meets the specific needs of the customer, whether in terms of design and aesthetics as well as in terms of functionality and ergonomics .

Well-studied furniture must be able to meet all these criteria and sometimes even more .

To do this requires a culture of furniture and a personal investment related to the passion of the profession of decorator . Because it is important to remember that there is a multitude of furniture, chairs, chairs etc but that everything is not going anywhere or together.

Beautiful architecture with bad furniture … it does not work!



What makes the difference between a banal interior architecture, and another exception is often the quality and the harmonization of the furniture .

Our role as an interior designer is to know and find the perfect furniture, the ones that will make WOW .

Our job requires a permanent watch on trends, new furniture , new materials, the achievements of the most famous designers , and for that we are present on all the salons of Europe.

Baroque pop design chair  



It happens in some cases (very rare) that the perfect piece of furniture or the detail of deco that is necessary does not exist …

In this case it’s very simple, we make it ! Of course we do not have our own workshop, however we know the craftsmen it takes to do it.

An example: we created metal railings with a rugby ball cut out of steel for a bar in Toulon.

For special furniture such as banquettes for a restaurant or lamps for a hotel , we have quality manufacturers who will be able to scale existing models.