Natural decoration with raw wood!

Judging by the latest design shows, natural materials like wood have more than ever the wind in their sails. 


The latest trend is to leave it as raw and natural as possible. Products made from bark and twigs are a good example, as is the so-called “cat-footed” oak, famous for the large number of knots that once made it a less noble wood.
There are many ways to enjoy the colors and textures of raw wood at home. Whether you prefer to integrate small touches or siding on a wall, these ideas should deco inspiration. Contemporary Room by Capital Building

Warm a room with wood paneling

Wall paneling is a great way to give a space a warm and interesting look, without spoiling the purity of the immaculate white of its decoration. This wall offers a beautiful headboard that brings a beautiful color and interesting texture to a room otherwise stripped.

Modern Dining Room Modern Dining Room

Turn a pile of logs into a decorative element

If you have a fireplace and do not know what to do with your firewood, why not add it to your decor? A storage corner like this one will turn into a most successful decorative composition once filled with logs.

Contemporary Home Office by Union Studio

Imagine a work of art 

Using wood as an artistic piece is a great way to include it in the decoration. Here, the risk was to obtain a “siding” effect, but by cutting the boards so that they were shorter than the wall, a work was made that oscillates between the painting and the sculpture.

Contemporary Living Room by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Warm up a space with weathered wood

Once aged, the wood immediately brings a warm dimension that integrates perfectly in a refined decoration. Here, the paneling accentuates the height of the room and gives the illusion of a duct around this modern fireplace.


Leave your beams visible

Here’s a simple way to incorporate this trend into your home. Instead of painting your beams or hiding them, leave them rough or wax them to give them a richer color.


Install it on the floor 

A staircase is the place to create contrast games because it connects two levels. This wood panel is framed with a white border that gives the illusion of a painting while a suspension highlights its nuances.  …

or in the hallway

A corridor is also an ideal place to integrate wood at home: this long corridor sees its curved lines accentuated by a paneling whose thin parallel planks emphasize the direction of the passage, drawing the eye on the perspective. 

Marry different wood species

Do not be afraid to mix different types of wood and different finishes in the same space. This bathroom combines, for example, a very smooth varnished wood, wainscoting planks and beautiful rough gnarled wood pieces that offer a nice variation of tones and textures.


Do not forget the garden

If wood is obviously used for terraces, fences and garden sheds, also think of creating a sculpture to give a daring to your decor. This incredible sphere only needs to be touched and admired. 

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