Interior Designer vs. DPLG: Two trades, two approaches

Interior architects and architects DPLG (graduated by the government), are two distinct professions.

On the one hand for their missions that have yielded to them and on the other hand, for their diplomas . However, these professions bring a common theme which is the design of space . We can ask ourselves what their jobs are, what are their areas of expertise and in what context do they intervene?


The different missions of these two architects

Different missions are assigned to them, with different expectations. They do not have the same skills and interact on many areas of interior design and architecture .

The missions of a DPLG architect and his works

The architect DPLG is an architectural designer . He graduated from state, It intervenes mainly in the constructions of individual houses, buildings or public buildings. It can also do heavy house renovations when the structure needs to be modified.

Its role, besides making the plan, the urban planning, the building permit and the council, it is also to manage the mastery of work and the workers who will work on the site.

The architect DPLG is very regulated , it is obliged to take out a decennial insurance . He has the ability to draw construction plans while respecting the rules of urban planning.

Many DPLG architects act on Aix en Provence and its region . In particular ASENCIO LAUGIER ARDISSON, and Didier Gautier Architect. These DPLG architects also exercise their skills in landscaping. Partnerships between these two professions are born to create a harmonious and artistic scenography .

H3 The missions of an interior designer

Unlike a DPLG architect, the interior designer can only modify and think about interior design . He can not in any case intervene on the structures of a building. He rethinks the decoration of the interior space with an artistic eye, playing with the harmony of colors , the choice of materials, furniture. It can be interiors of individual houses, apartments, offices, shops. He always takes into account the existing architecture, he arranges the layout of shops and businesses.

Like the architect DPLG, he is the prime contractor and can therefore monitor the progress of the construction site, follow up on the work.

These two very different professions act for a common interest, the harmonization of a living space. Whether for a house, an apartment, a business. These architects want to create a special atmosphere for a place and seek to personalize each space.


The complementarity of these two professions in the world of architecture

The architect DPLG will work in large works , and renovations heavy, while the interior designer will focus on detail with a harmony of colors . These architects work for the same purpose , which is to create authentic and personal spaces to the sponsor.

A common mission

They are artists from a certain point of view. They create, transform, renovate, develop from scratch. They leave their imagination free to design places with an interior decoration that pleases each customer.

Their common interest is to satisfy every request in an architectural project and to create authentic and personalized spaces. They do not have the same missions or the same skills, but their wills of creation and decoration are the same.

A desire to beautify

The details that everyone will bring will be complementary and harmonize to create a unique place! The architect DPLG will create a play of light thanks to the openings of the place that the interior designer will highlight thanks to the placement of the furniture and the living space. Their interests are to gather their strengths to complete their weaknesses, in order to deliver a project that is in agreement with the client .

Although these trades are different in terms of mission and skills , they can come together to create an authentic scenography , with a harmonious interior decoration .

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