Interior Designer | Save money

Save money in getting an interior designer for your property.

1. How can an interior designer save you money?

If it is only the plans of your future development, you will ensure that you have plans that meet the construction standards but especially plans that will be optimal for the ergonomics and functionality of your room. The designer thinks of many complex details to master: the right lighting, the right choice of materials, storage etc. For a kitchen, a bathroom or a major redevelopment, it is essential. The value of your home is in play.

A good designer must be able to adapt to your budget, and that is what it will save you.

If your designer keeps track of the work, you avoid the hassle of budget management, material orders, delivery times and follow-up with trades. It is the designer who manages this from the beginning to the end of the project.

Finally, designers benefit from a large network of contacts in the field of housing. They have skilled craftsmen to implement their imagination.


2. What are the prices of an interior designer?

This was addressed in the interview: the more a designer is renamed and in demand, the higher his prices will be.

Some designers charge a rate per hour. Most generally prefer the packages. Packages may just include development plans. You can add supervision of all works to finally go to the final turnkey (choice of furniture and decorative accessories).


3. How to find the right designer??

It can be difficult to find the right person to work with. First and foremost, the flow must be good, whether you like the style of your designer and that he is listening to you.

Word of mouth is certainly the best method. Nothing beats the references of former customers. Read the reviews on the internet, it can eventually refer you.

As most designers today have a website , a Facebook page, I recommend you take a look to see their achievements and more.

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