Interior Decoration: working light

Light plays an undeniable role when it comes to decorating both indoors and outdoors . 

It is necessary to choose the right light according to the part to be illuminated but that is not always obvious. To make the right choice in terms of brightness, there are some points to remember.


A light according to a room: some principles

Already, it is necessary to avoid positioning suspensions because these tend to make the room much smaller and the lighting is then done in a uniform way. However, it is better to opt for lights that bathe the walls and enlarge the space. By turning to dimmers, it is possible to play on the mood and the time of the day. On the other hand, for the decoration to be put forward, it is important to play on the artificial lighting. On this point, it is necessary to choose materials which optimize the comfort and the visual at the same time.

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In addition, there are the lighting but the choice is made according to the room to highlight. For the living room, it is possible to combine different moods but the creation of shadow areas will not fail to capture the attention. For a living room, the centralized suspension is the best and to make even more Zen, table lamps arranged near the sofa are a great idea. When the evening arrives, a cozy atmosphere will be at the rendezvous. For the dining room, the light should be placed above the table and will optimize the brightness of the room. Do not neglect the kitchen but here too, suspended lighting illuminating the entire room is what will do. The spots are used to avoid shadows.

Of course, there is the bedroom which is a must in the house. To attract sleep, a lamp on the floor is recommended (see these design lamps that we love). Ceiling lights are not preferred but with a little technique, it is still possible to place them in the room. Otherwise, it is possible to opt for a reading lamp or a desk lamp to sift the atmosphere.


LEDs and Interior decoration

Always compared to the indoor light, there are the LEDs that make a perfect decoration. Moreover, the tastes can be diversified because the owner of the house can choose between the apparent bulbs, the suspensions or the lampposts. Everything depends on the tastes of everyone. In any case to save energy, led lighting is important .

For a nicely decorated living room, you have to turn to halogen lamps that consume little energy and bring heat. For the bathroom, a bright bulb above the mirror is to put forward. As for the kitchen, it deserves small bright lamps in the place where the user will cook. To do some reading in the bedroom and admire the beauty of the dim light, a nice LED on the bedside table is an idea to try.

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