Glass, an essential deco ally in your Interior Decor

A trendy and aesthetic material, glass has become indispensable in decoration thanks to its decorative and practical appearance.

Conciliating transparency and trend, this material gets the taste of the day and accompanies the new modes in terms of decoration.


Glass in all its states

Thanks to state-of-the-art cutting techniques, glass can easily be transformed into a high-quality decorative object. Today, there are several types of customized glass to meet the expectations of individuals and professionals: tempered glass, laminated glass, double glazing, glass ceramic glass, etc. (see the website of a custom glass supplier: .com . Thus, the blends glass in every room of the house, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Interior of all glass houses

 Glass in all its states 


The different types of glass used by our interior designer

Tempered glass

Tempered glass or safety glass is appreciated for its great resistance. It can be used in decoration. In order to guarantee a better quality, modern techniques are used for cutting, shaping and tempering glass. The gloss polished flat gasket is favored to ensure a more aesthetic rendering.

Double glazed glass

For openings: doors, windows, bay windows, etc. double glazing is highly recommended. The manufacture of this type of glass is done in several stages. Two windows are superimposed on each other, leaving a thickness in the middle that traps the air. Better thermal insulation is one of the advantages of this type of glass. Indeed, the heat losses are lower favoring a reduction of the consumption of electricity. Double glazing also provides better sound insulation.

Laminated glass

Laminated or laminated glass is a type of safety glass generally used for car windshields. Thanks to the plastic film inserted between the layers of glass, this material becomes more resistant to shocks and does not risk injury in case of breakage of glass. This type of glass is also used as a guardrail or guardrail.

Example of use of glass in offices



The glass in interior decoration

Glass is also a very decorative material, since it allows to make beautiful mirrors to brighten up and enlarge the pieces. With the contemporary trend, designers also offer very chic glass tables and shelves. In the bathroom, we opt for the glass shower wall while transparency that perfectly integrates new trends in terms of decor. In the kitchen, glass shelves are very popular. To accompany and enhance the stove in the living room, the glass can serve as a floor protection plate. This material can also serve as a separation between the parts without reducing the brightness. It is widely used in apartments and houses of type loft or with industrial design. In this case, it is enhanced by the metal structures

Closures and glass doors

design and architecture glass door  

Where to order custom glasses?

Companies specializing in tailor-made glass cutting offer customized services to meet the expectations of each client. It is possible to order directly online by choosing the type of glass, the shape, the dimensions, the thickness of the glass, the color and the finish. So Glas offers high quality manufacturing and secure shipping.

some modern glass architecture

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