Custom and Specific Furniture and Decoration Manufacturing

For each project, whether it is a renovation of an apartment , a house or a commercial layout – the furniture is the final touch that closes the design.


It is the finish of the project and showcase the whole of the reflection that has been focused on it.

It personalizes the design , meets the specific needs of the customer, whether in terms of design and aesthetics as well as in terms of functionality and ergonomics .

Well-studied furniture must be able to meet all these criteria and sometimes even more .

To do this requires a culture of furniture and a personal investment related to the passion of the profession of decorator . Because it is important to remember that there is a multitude of furniture, chairs, chairs etc but that everything is not going anywhere or together.

Beautiful architecture with bad furniture … it does not work!



What makes the difference between a banal interior architecture, and another exception is often the quality and the harmonization of the furniture .

Our role as an interior designer is to know and find the perfect furniture, the ones that will make WOW .

Our job requires a permanent watch on trends, new furniture , new materials, the achievements of the most famous designers , and for that we are present on all the salons of Europe.

Baroque pop design chair  



It happens in some cases (very rare) that the perfect piece of furniture or the detail of deco that is necessary does not exist …

In this case it’s very simple, we make it ! Of course we do not have our own workshop, however we know the craftsmen it takes to do it.

An example: we created metal railings with a rugby ball cut out of steel for a bar in Toulon.

For special furniture such as banquettes for a restaurant or lamps for a hotel , we have quality manufacturers who will be able to scale existing models.


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