A pineapple decor!

Pineapples are the big trend of the moment. 

It is found in all rooms of the house, in the form of patterns, wall covering, but also diverted objects and unusual. They bring color and a touch of exotic welcome in early summer! Here are our ideas for a fruity decor.


Sunny wallpaper 

In a monochrome piece, a patterned wallpaper can change the atmosphere completely. This pineapple wallcovering model brings a touch of color to the living room without adding to the space. To harmonize the ensemble, choose colorful furniture and oversized decorative objects, such as design suspensions or an imposing mirror. 

A playful lamp for young and old

This light fitting signed Goodnight Light will find its place in a child’s room as in an entrance or nook of your terrace, on a side table or on the floor. It is available in different fluo colors, perfect for summer.

A fruity candle

Admit it, it’s the kind of candle we do not want to light … And for good reason, this pineapple-shaped model is to eat! In an entrance or on a fireplace, it will bring good mood to your room. It’s up to you to initiate a collection of several wax fruits or to associate it with other vintage decoration items and succulents.

Exotic Salon by The Window Film Company UK Ltd.

Decorate your windows

It’s not only at Christmas that your windows have the right to preferential treatment! Using decals, give a second life to a window or bay window by adding pineapples. It’s also a good way to gain brightness while maintaining privacy. For the activity to be more playful, involve your children taking care to help them to stick the grounds well to avoid the disaster. Eclectic Room by Studio Stamp (formerly STAMP INTERIORS)

Find an original lamp

Who said that pineapples must inevitably invade the decor? In this bedroom, we do not notice it immediately, but a fruit was hidden on one of the bedside tables! On closer inspection, we realize that the lamp foot is pineapple-shaped. Scandinavian Home Office by Claire Clerc

An unusual mirror

If you like details and minimalist decorating accessories, prefer a discreet pineapple-shaped mirror rather than an imposing object that you could get bored with. Keep in mind that this fruit remains a summer motif, which could well regain your closets once the winter comes. Better to play the card of security by choosing a creation that will cross the seasons. Country Kitchen Country Kitchen

Pineapple by small touches

In an immaculate room, it is important to play with decorative objects and materials to bring space to life. To awaken this room, several small objects were placed on these wooden shelves, including copper pineapple boxes. A tip: combine functionality and aesthetics with accessories that have real utility.

Contemporary by Zu Boutique

Highlight open shelves

In the kitchen, open storage is popular. Farewell closets closed: today, open shelves are on the rise. In addition to giving a Scandinavian style to the room, they allow to highlight decorative objects. Between two utensils and salad bowls, energize your storage with fruity and colorful postcards. Your children can also make a drawing of a pineapple.

Contemporary by funambulus 

Customize a storage bag

It is well known, in a child’s room, it is often (or very often) difficult to maintain a certain order. If the little ones need to play, however, they must learn to put everything in its place. To help them in this learning, the storage bin is a good alternative. Customize it with a pineapple pattern to make it more playful and personalize it.

Contemporary Bar Lounge by Eleanor Baines Photography

A flashy decorative object

Here, the pineapple is invited in a slightly more bling-bling environment. Nevertheless, on a bar or a trolley, this golden object will do its little effect with your guests. Little more? It will camouflage a bottle of alcohol nicely. Salon by Clarke & Clarke Campaign

Opt for patterned cushions

The cushion is the ideal accessory to give a warm side to a living room and give a boost to his sofa. Colorful, striped or with animal motifs, there is something for everyone. Do not be afraid to mix the models to give more exoticism to a living room. Scandinavian Entrance by The Lovely Drawer

Vitamin tables

If you do not want pineapples to come into your home, do not panic! You can use them with small keys. In a minimalist decor, this type of paintings will affirm your personality without distorting the style of your living room. To find the rare pearl, go to small creators and illustrators, or take out your own pencils!

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